Happy Twirlers Square Dance Club

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   Welcome to the Happy Twirlers Square Dance Club Website .  Square Dancing is an American tradition. It began in New England when the first settlers brought with them their various national dances . Today millions of Americans enjoy this wholesome recreation. The Happy Twirlers Square Dance Club carries on this tradition with Square Dances, Square Dance Lessons, and Workshops . We are located in Des Plaines ,Illinois .We welcome experienced and new dancers. Singles and Couples are Welcome,  Our Phone number is 847-272-6344 or 847-807-1698. The Happy Twirlers Host Square Dances on the 2nd Saturday of each month from September thru May. The Dances are held at Immanuel Lutheran Church ,855 Lee Street Downtown Des Plaines,Illinois. (Lee street is northbound only) Access parking off Center street. A Square Dance workshop is held each Monday evening from 7-9P at Oakton Arms  1665 Oakton Place, Des Plaines. Happy Twirlers sponser Square Dance lessons in partnership with District D214 Community Education. Call for details about these exciting lessons taught by square Dance caller Lottie Buckee .If you like to dance,meet new people,and have fun,this class is for you.We will be there as your dance partners. See us on Face Book (FB) under Happy Twirlers Square Dance Club. Additional Square Dance information for the Chicagoland area  can be found at www.squaredancechicago.com.  Let's all join hands in friendship...see you soon 


Meet our Callers & Cuers

  1. Dave Schulz
    Dave Schulz
    Square Dance Caller
  2. TBA
    Square Dance Caller
  3. Chris Burdick
    Chris Burdick
    Round Dance Cuer